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We help children and adolescents identify their challenges and develop the skills to overcome them. We use an integrative therapeutic approach with the healing power of play, art, and games as our main tools, which makes the process fun and engaging for youth. Plus, we involve parents and caregivers in the process so they can continue using these strategies to support wellness at home too.

Dr. Sade Reid

Counseling for children and adolescents

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Dr. Sade Reid

I’m Dr. Sade Reid

Therapy is a courageous step towards healing and growth. We are here to help children and teens tap into their potential and find their power.

Dr. Sade S. Reid, LPC, NCC, BC-TMH

Owner I Clinical Director

Child & Adolescent Counseling

We provide counseling services for youth ages 5 to 18. Our approach explores thoughts and emotions, while placing an emphasis on skill building, emotional regulation, and overall wellness. 

Play Therapy

We use the power of play and talk therapy to help youth communicate, process emotions, and grow.

Family Therapy for Child and Adolescents

Family therapy with the child or teenage client can be an effective way to help them build strong relationships and create healthy habits that last a lifetime.

Teletherapy or Online Therapy

Therapy services for children and teenagers from the comfort of their home.

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